Minimalist Geometric Canvas Skin #3


Please note, Canvas Skins do not pair with the Naked Canvas due to its "naked" or un-laminated surface. Skins only work with acrylic or laminated surfaces.

Canvas Skins

Many customers request the option to add variety to their CCS collections. Just like shoes, we all love having options.

Our skins allow you to alternate between all nine shades in our nude collection palette as well as any seasonal prints.

Removable and repositionable logos and designs printed on reusable micro-suction material, which sticks to flat surfaces without adhesive. 


Skins are a fun, cost-effective way to personalize your canvas to reflect your mood or interests.

Similar to Apple Watches, our canvas (watch itself) is a one-time fee. The option to switch out the skin (watch band) helps to not only justify the price point, but—like the canvas itself—offers endless options for creative expression.

Protects the surface of your canvas from high pigmented color.