What is the difference between the Guy Tang #more2me set and the regular?

The #more2me set comes with collapsible stand, one rose gold bowl, 3 color brushes, #stroke7 Rose’ Balayage Lightener, 30V Thicc Balayage Activator and one towel clip. The regular set comes with one collapsable stand, two towel clips, and one suction bowl. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! And we are so excited to have Color Canvas Systems™ all over the world already!

Why does my canvas have a smell?

Our one-of-a-kind color canvas systems™ are made with recycled plastics. To learn more about this visit our Health and Environment page. Along with the recycled plastic, adhering our exclusive prints to a create durable, smooth, chemical friendly surface takes a special level of manufacturing so like any shiny new product, there’s a “new car smell” factor. This is comparable to a similar surface known as laminate. 

Can my canvas withstand all level of hydrogen peroxide?

Yes. Of course! 

Why does my canvas have a slight texture?

Your canvas is made of recycled plastic that was chewed by a machine then formed into pellets to make a variety of different products. This method allows the material have a strong reliable reputation. Cutting down on waste during the process of recycling material can also be a reason there is slight texture on the back of the canvas. For more info please see our Health and Environment page.

Why wasn’t my canvas packaged with more protection?

We have designed the packaging for our Color Canvas Systems™ from the ground up. Every measurement, detail and quality control aspect was thought out to ensure the least invasive and wasteful experience possible in order to hold our environmental standards to the highest regards. This means no unnecessary bubble wrap and more form fitting spaces. 

Where was my canvas made?

Right here at home in the United States! 

Will color stain my canvas?

Like all color tools, high pigmented color can stain light colored plastics. We advise our guests to combat this by promptly removing any dark pigments with warm water as soon as possible. 

Can I return my system if it is not what I expected?

Unfortunately, can can not accept returns at this time, especially on custom orders. Please send us an email with any questions or concerns.