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Heavy Duty Wheeled Tripod Dolly Attachment


Wheeled Tripod Dolly Attachment

Color Canvas Systems™️ not included.

The wheeled tripod dolly is an attachment to our traditional tripod system (we now use vaulted tripod stands). This option exists primarily for preexisting customers who purchased a tripod stand prior to the wheeled stand launch. This dolly connects to the legs of your tripod stand and is a separate item from the wheeled stand option.

The tripod dolly is very compact, portable and functions the same as a regular tripod would with the added feature of having wheels attached to the bottom—making it a great addition to your studio. While the wheels make it easy to move the tripod around with ease, it also comes with adjustable foot locks that lock the wheels into place if needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlevel surfaces (including salon matts) do not work well with castor wheels. The dolly works best on solid, flat surfaces.
Aluminum Alloy & ABS Construction
Three Sections
Max Load Capacity: 20Kg / 44.10 lbs
Adjustable Foot Locks
Folded Length: 17.52″
Extended Length: 37.40″
Max Diameter: 1.10″

Key Features

  • Three-wheel design: The Three-wheel design makes the dolly flexible and offers convenience to move around.
  • Aluminum material: The dolly adopts aluminum material making it lightweight and provides high stability.
  • Adjustable Leg System: Allows you to adjust the two section legs to whatever length required.
  • Compatible Fixing Design:The fixing design is adjustable and can fix all kinds of tripod feet firmly.
  • Pin lock button: Simply press the Pin Lock button to fold the tripod legs together. A strap is used to bind the three legs together.