Nude Collection Foil Board Skins


These one-of-a-kind skins are exclusive to Color Canvas Systems™️. Proprietary material gives the surface of your handheld foil boards an added level of protection which serves as a barrier from potential scratches.

Just like seasonal foils, when you add an element of fun and excitement to a color service, so should the tools you use to foil!



How do you apply your skin to a foil board?
Our skins are easy to apply: peel off an inch of your skin and line it up to the bottom edge of your foil board. Once in place, continue to pull and press your skin to your canvas.

This process is similar to adding a screen protector to a smartphone.

How do you clean your skins?
Water is an easy way to clean your skins.

Can you reuse your skin?
Yes. Gently remove your skin from your foil board, rinse with cold water and reapply.