New CCS Extensions Canvas


Drops July 1st 2022.

What’s the he difference between our standard canvas and this canvas? Our standard Canvas has two quarter sized magnets. These magnets are fabricated on the back of each canvas primarily for the sole purpose of securely connecting Canvas to Stand •
In a perfect world, off-the-shelf magnetic products
(like these two magnets) would offer optimum performance in the desired size and weight. In reality, almost every application can benefit from a tailor-made solution. You asked and we delivered! 
We had so many customers requesting more Magnetic capability from our Canvases. 
Taylor made and designed neodymium magnet to work as a dual solution acting as a mount to “stand” providing approx 64 lbs of force to ensure a solid connection from stand to canvas, and to support  higher magnetic capabilities for tools such as: double  prong clips, single prong clips, and all metal instruments.
This custom magnet is protected with an industrial nickel coating to help prevent corrosion from harsh chemicals and moisture.

Magnetic transfer power from magnet through surface of the stand has approximately 14.5 lbs. with the capacity of securing all of your metal tools to the surface of the stand
These canvases hold 75 clips/or one box of clips at the center point of each canvas for extension work.

Why is this CCS Canvas so much more expensive?
ANSWER: The high price is mainly due to the high price of raw materials, namely, Praseodymium neodymium metal (Pr-Nd) and dysprosium-iron alloy (Dy-Fe), both of these materials are rare earth metals. The rare earth metal materials are fluctuating at high levelfrequently, so the price of NdFeB magnets is not low.