Using the Color Canvas System

The Color Canvas System™ is the most innovative stylist tool to achieve personalized and exquisite color in hair painting, a method commonly referred to as balayage. This method is an enduring art form that has changed the business, perspective, and experience of hair color.

Canvas has been used for centuries for art, so why not for hair?  Much like an artist who understands the critical relationship between canvas and masterpiece, the stylist depends on the proper backdrop or tool to create their work-of-art. With the Color Canvas System™, the stylists can visualize their plan, control pitch and tension, and apply color to create a hair color masterpiece.  Added bonus: use the Original CCS™ Stretched Canvas to create an evolving art-piece with each hair-color application!

Simply put, the Color Canvas System™ is an elevated workspace used by hair stylists, salons, and schools to create flawless color on any client.  For clients with longer styles, the hair is strategically fanned onto the canvas enabling a unique ability to color hair in masterfully placed strokes.  For shorter hair, the canvas becomes a work surface with everything within your reach.

With constant and controlled tension and pitch, work is precise and flawless. Stylists work smarter and not harder. Colors are evenly spread on the canvas giving you perfect saturation. Why color on a small space when you can utilize an entire canvas?

What is your go-to tool?