As a salon owner since 19, I know what a grueling 12-hour day looks and feels like behind the chair. I know all too well the emotional, physical, and creative exhaustion after a hard day’s work. I know the stamina that’s required after one year, five years, and even 20 years. This industry is not for the weak of heart!

‚ÄúLittle¬†did I know one moment of reinvention would change¬†my¬†life forever. All it took was a¬†Pinterest¬†request,¬†two¬†trash¬†bags, a¬†pillow, and a¬†bright¬†idea‚ÄĚ.


    As time evolves, so must our craft. Revolutionary products and tools are only as good as their underlying foundation. Becoming part of the future for new stylists is our business. This is what Color Canvas Systems is all about. This is not just another comb or stand. It's one hairstylist's vision brought to life from a very serious pain point, burn out!


    I searched the internet for weeks for a tool that supported this high-level hair artistry. Something better than a foil or balayage board. Something to give me back my passion to create. I found nothing, so I decided to create my own. 137 prototypes later, my childhood dream of becoming an entrereneur came true! I made the bold move to sell my salon and invest in an entirely new opportunity that has not only reshaped my prespective on the hair design business, but made it possible for others as well. It has taken over four years of hard work to bring this dream into reality.


    When you use your Color Canvas Systems you aren’t just using another tool. You are stepping into a new era of art creation. You are welcoming new students, stylists, and clients into a service that’s all about an elevated experience. You give hope that there is more to hair than just hair.