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Color With Confidence

This comprehensive course will offer you a fresh perspective on how processing times impact the richness of colors, as well as the creation of pockets of depth.

Similar to the waning crescent moon, you will astonish your guests by skillfully painting ribbons of color on the canvas's surface, reminiscent of Picasso himself.

This technique not only ensures even color distribution but also provides a truly unique experience that will leave your clients raving about their stunning color and extraordinary journey.

Upon completing this course, you will have an "aha" moment, fully understanding the importance of the canvas picture in every section and the essential role of proper pitch in each service.

With your newfound skills and knowledge, you will have the confidence to create beautiful and harmonious color transformations for your clients, elevating both their appearance and their experience.

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Waning Crescent ColorMelt Course

You will discover..

The art of working efficiently while ensuring both your own comfort and that of your clients.

Throughout this course, you will master the skill of positioning your canvas behind the chair to provide optimal support. Additionally, you will learn the seamless movement within your sections, understanding the significance of our U-shaped sections, also known as half moon sections.

By using our unique product, you will gain a deeper understanding of its design and the purpose behind the U-shaped section of your canvas, which beautifully blends with the U-shaped sections during the process.

What you will learn..

In this course, you will also learn how to apply color on the new growth, how to blend and blur, how to implement and elevate Teasy lights and balayage movements, as well as how to visualize your color in a different way.

Color Canvas Systems is not only your backdrop and point of stability, but it also serves as your painter's palette and roadmap, helping you visually see where your colors should live within each strand of hair.

Course Educator:
Alisha Fox

Innovation: Emphasizing the importance of creativity and forward-thinking in all aspects of the business, encouraging employees to constantly seek new and improved solutions.

Efficiency: Focusing on working smarter, not harder, by promoting streamlined processes and leveraging technology to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

Client Experience: Prioritizing exceptional customer service and ensuring that every interaction with clients is positive, personalized, and exceeds their expectations.

Craftsmanship: Valuing the artistry and skill involved in the work done by the company, fostering a culture of pride and dedication to delivering high-quality products or services.

Time Management: Recognizing the significance of time and encouraging employees to manage their time effectively, ensuring deadlines are met and projects are delivered on time.

Enjoyment: Promoting a positive and enjoyable work environment where employees feel motivated, engaged, and have a sense of fulfillment in their roles.

Bottom Line Focus: Striving for financial success and profitability, while maintaining ethical business practices and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Collaboration: Encouraging teamwork, open communication, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving, fostering a culture of cooperation and shared success.