Custom Canvas

Customizing your Color Canvas Systems

Do you have a logo that you want to show off? A brand that you’d love to feature while using your systems? If you answered yes, then we have you covered! Featuring your logo on your system is an excellent way to market and advertise your business.

When ordering a custom print, there are a few things needed prior to creating your canvas.


What do we need?

Email the following information below to: 

Step 1: High Quality Image.* Choosing or designing a high quality image is key. An image in the format of JPEG, PNG or PDF are required to be 300 dpi or higher at full scale (21" x 31"). 

Step 2: Contact us with your vector file ready and make sure we are able to successfully create your custom image for print. 

Step 3: Purchase and be apart of our ever-growing list of customers who love using their own brand, image, logo or design as visual inspiration.


What does DPI mean?

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of the resolution of a printed document or digital scan. The higher the dot density, the higher the resolution of the print or scan.

The higher the DPI, the sharper the image. A higher resolution image provides the printer and printing device more information. You can get more detail and greater resolution from an image with higher DPI. 


What is a vector file? 

A vector-based file is an image that can be made infinitely large or small without losing quality.

Common vector file types include .AI (Adobe Illustrator), .EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), and PDF (if exported correctly).


    Don’t know how or where to get your file?

    Your graphic design artist or logo creator will have your file. Reach out to him or her and request the vector artwork. 


    Don’t have a logo but would like custom artwork? 

    My team and I are more than happy to assist you. Email: with a picture of your desired image along with request. A consultation will be scheduled upon request.


    *Please ensure your custom design is at least 300 DPI at full scale or is a vector-based image.
    Should your logo/artwork not meet high resolution requirements additional charges will be applied.