Semi Sweet - Nude #7


Nude Collection

A limited edition series of trending, neutral flesh tones that will compliment any salon or salon suite.

PLEASE NOTE: The Nude Collection differs from the Naked Canvas, which is located here. The two textures differ and while the Nude Collection has a laminated surface compatible with suction technologies, the Naked Canvas does not. For more information, please read the FAQ.

There are two choices of laminate to pick from when choosing your shade of nude: clear or glitter.

  • Glitter laminate serves as a highlighter, giving your canvas illuminated dewy sheen and sparkle.
  • Clear laminate gives your canvas true to color tonality, representing more of a matte finish.

Canvas Features

  • 21" x 31" Light weight recycled plastic
  • Magnetic technologies - Please Read FAQ
  • 2.3 pounds 

    Stand Description

    A portable, floor standing platform with castors for complete canvas mobility. Lightweight and easy to store this stand can stand on its own as a color trolly.

    PLEASE NOTE: Unlevel surfaces (including salon matts) do not work well with castor wheels. The stand works best on solid, flat surfaces.


    Stand Features

    • Tilting platform for ultimate canvas pitch
    • Robust steel construction with plastic adjustment collars
    • Folding tripod base with lockable castors 
    • Adjustable working height: 1110mm to 1500mm
    • Folded dimensions (W × H × D): 350mm × 970mm × 125mm
    • 15kg Capacity

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