Become a CCS Guest Artist

Become a CCS Guest Artist

Spots are limited! We are currently seeking 50 guest artists to develop and teach Zoom classes. Applicants must meet the outlined criteria to apply and will receive training as part of the process. Successful candidates have the potential to earn up to 40% commission for each Zoom class taught.

Are you a skilled CCS stylist with a special signature service you love to provide in your salon using your board?

Do you have a passion for sharing your talents and inspiring fellow stylists through teaching?

If this sounds like you, we welcome you to join our community! Our Zoom courses can accommodate up to 1000 participants, offering an excellent opportunity for networking and assisting others in our community to learn from the convenience of their homes. Encourage your attendees to grab a mannequin and work alongside you as their Educator, demonstrating your favorite services on a model.

Come and be a part of a supportive and innovative community of stylists.

How to Get Started:

1. To apply to teach an online CCS Zoom course as a guest artist, fill out the application form provided below.

2. Upload your demo video showcasing your favorite CCS service. Your video should have a title, an introduction, a demo of your service, and an outro explaining your canvas use. Showcase your personality in the video.

3. Once your application and video are approved, one of our staff educators will schedule a discovery call. We will collaborate on graphics, CCS schematics, and advertising to ensure your class is a wild success. Note: you can have up to 1000 participants.

4. During the discovery call, you will be asked to provide a class title, class description, and e-mail your headshot. A follow-up call will be scheduled to discuss dates, class logistics, logins, commissions, and more. Classes must be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.

5. When approved your class information will be added to our online courses advent calendar and promoted on social media.

6. Commissions are based on a sliding scale, with guest artists having the chance to earn up to 40%. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us at

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