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Color Canvas Systems

Naked Canvas

Naked Canvas

PLEASE NOTE: Naked Canvases DO NOT pair with canvas skins due to its "naked" or unlaminated surface. Skins only work with acrylic or laminated surfaces
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A printless canvas—truly our pared-down product. Great for someone wanting the functions and benefits of Color Canvas Systems® without
the aesthetics.

Each canvas is beautifully branded via laser etching.

Fabricated with two standard magnets

Naked Canvases are not laminated.

Stand included


Naked= black non laminated recycled plastic. Because there is a slight texture to this plastic, suction devices such as suction bowls or extension caddies do not pair with this canvas


Canvas Features

Naked canvases do not stain and are very durable.

21"x 31" light weight reccled plastic Magnetic technologies -Please Read FAQ

2.3 pounds 


Lightweight and easy to store, this stand can be used on its own as a color trolly.

Tilting platform for ultimate canvas pitch

Robust steel construction with plastic adjustment collars

Folding tripod base with lockable castors 

Adjustable working height: 1110mm to 1500mm

Folded dimensions (W Ă— H Ă— D): 350mm Ă— 970mm Ă— 125mm

15kg Capacity

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Salon Today comments on it, “Repeating the same mindset over and over made each new day totally predictable—and boring. What happened to the enthusiasm you felt?”.

By using Color Canvas Systems you are elevating your environment and fostering a new, creative culture, improving your work and your mood.

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