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Jürgen Karl
My fist Naked Color Canvas System

I find the work table top to be a bit wobbly and not really straight; it slopes slightly towards the outside so that things placed on the side can easily fall down if you use it as a table shelf. It's not entirely clear to me why material was removed from the inside of the record. The wheels and the stopper also seem a bit too artificial. They could be improved, as could the height-adjustable screw. Since it's my first board, I don't know whether I should order a second one. If these are more stable, let me know. I would like to have one Very happy to call [****] back.

Pau Z
So far, I love it!

Oh, dear! I haven’t yet used my Color Canvas. However, I can speak to the easy assembly of the unit! The box design is absolutely beautiful to behold; it arrives packed just right, without so much packaging. I could pull it out of the box with ease and putting it together took very little time. It’s intuitive and the Canvas comes with an Allen wrench. I can hardly wait to start creating with my Color Canvas. Have you considered designing an ergonomic mannequin holder? If not, I hope you can invent another niche product! Cheers!

Vivian Kuit
Perfect tools

From packaging to every details of it, is just perfect! It is easy to work with and now I can’t live without it! Thank you so much for your brilliant designs. Loving it ❤️ Viv, Singapore


Is a prefect tools that any hair stylist would asked for! Brilliant

Adam Ryan
The best!!!

I used to use 3 different trays !! Not anymore I just looooove how big this is !! You can just do so much with this I’m so happy with my purchase!!!