Founded in 2019

From humble beginnings to a global reach, my unwavering purpose has been the driving force behind my journey. With a love for hair, innovation, and people, I have spent over 25 years in the industry, culminating in the creation of CCS - the first-ever customizable color stand. This tool, born out of a need for efficiency in the salon, has revolutionized the way stylists work.

Through research, development, and feedback from customers, CCS has become a staple in salons worldwide. Despite facing challenges along the way, my determination never wavered, knowing the impact this tool could have on the industry. The joy and pride I feel seeing the positive effects of CCS on stylists is immeasurable, and it serves as a reminder of the power of hard work and dedication.


Our Values

Our values prioritize career longevity and comfort for stylists, support for small businesses, and adding value to services. We embrace evolution, understanding that as time progresses, so must our craft.


Our products embody purposeful designs, combining the functionality of five products into one luxurious, streamlined tool, eliminating unnecessary clutter and optimizing efficiency.


A hairstylist-designed product creating a supportive community and showcasing the power of possibility and collaboration.


We prioritize fostering a sense of community with all our customers, providing opportunities for growth and delivering exceptional value to ensure their success.

CCS is not just a physical tool, but a comprehensive answer to the challenges and needs faced by stylists in the industry. CCS provides a holistic approach to enhancing efficiency, comfort, and value in salon processes. We emphasize the transformative nature of CCS and its ability to address the broader needs of stylists.